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Regaining Focus

It will be holiday break before we know it. I can already feel the pull of family movie night with hot cocoa and marathon cookie baking. But I’m also looking at my to-do list, and there are a few important projects and tasks that just can’t wait until after break....
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New Space for YAY

This month marks a big milestone for YAY – moving into a new office! I started off thinking I’d do a pretty comprehensive search, but I fell fast in love with the brand new Industrious office on Mass Ave. Move in date was November 1st, and I’ve spent the last month...
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Observation as a Super Power

Being highly observant is one of those super power kind of skills, with many applications in personal and business worlds. I believe it can make us better humans—more attentive and responsive to the people in our lives. And at work, observation can help us find...
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