We believe...

Positivity is powerful. Everyone is creative. The world is full of opportunity.

About Yes and Yonder

Founded in January 2017 in Indianapolis, Indiana, Yes and Yonder exists to make the world a more creative place. Everything we do, from illustration to experience design, builds toward an inventive future for your organization and the people you serve. 

What does the name mean?

Improv folks and design thinking practitioners alike use the phrase, “Yes and…” to build on ideas and get to the next level of creativity. “Yonder” speaks to the uncharted place to which you must travel. We’re in this journey together – envisioning and realizing an inventive future for your organization.

And, our acronym is YAY, which suits us just fine. Every day should have a little bit of celebration, yes?

Our Values

Be generative.

Build from positivity.
Give more than take.
Maximize what others bring.
Create with productive abandon.

Be inventive.

Push beyond the expected.
Seek and embrace new paths.
Always be tinkering.

Be intentional.

Start only what can be finished.
Judiciously give time and focus.
Know when to call it.