Yay in Chat Bubble

I always said if I started a business, I’d only do it if I could have a team of three to start. But alas, here I am, in the fledgling days of Yes and Yonder, a party of one.

Collaboration is my natural state. When I think back on the work I’m not so proud of, or enjoyed least, it was work where I felt like I was on an island. I am being extra vigilant, knowing I’ve placed myself right in the center of one of my biggest weaknesses. I am no lone wolf.

That’s why YAY needs to be about more than me. I’ve been using “we” because I need to talk about it that way. I structured as an S Corp purposefully to make it easy to bring people in, to push myself to make it happen. But in many ways it’s true.

YAY is my friends, family or peers who have given advice or support as I announced this new venture. The future clients, partners, freelancers and employees who will make magic happen. The creativity that we’ll make happen together.¬†YAY is all of us.